After purchase, the purchaser will receive a PayPal receipt and an email from Grooveline with a gift certificate number and confirmation number. Please download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (desktop, iPhone,  & Android) to make the PDF interactive, then:

1.) Enter the gift certificate and confirmation numbers

2.) Customize the names of the purchaser and receiver, and, voila

3.) Give the gift that can keep beating all year long!


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​Gift Card and Gift Certificate Terms & Conditions

Use of gift certificate constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

This certificate is not replaceable if lost or stolen and should be treated as cash. Grooveline is NOT responsible for loss, theft or mutilation of this certificate. This certificate can not be redeemed for cash except in accordance with applicable law. Face value of certificate in the currency identified on the certificate. Unauthorized resale will invalidate this certificate. When properly authorized, this certificate may be redeemed for services at Grooveline, LLC.

Gift certificates are subject to the expiration date, if any, set forth on the face of the certificate, except where prohibited by applicable law. Grooveline, LLC. makes no warranty of any kind regarding any service you may receive in connection with your use and redemption of this certificate. This certificate is not valid for currently enrolled students.