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"Mr. Keith Evans is a tremendously brilliant educator and percussionist.  He is totally reliable and there are never any worries when he is on staff or on the set for a musical production, performance or worship service.  He understands all styles, textures and demands for music performance.  I would highly recommend him to anyone as timpanist, drummer, mallet keyboardist, and audio technical advisor.  If you need percussion music from African drumming to classical music to pop and jazz to contemporary gospel, Keith Evans and the Grooveline staff are absolutely capable!  They get a 10 star + rating for their stupendous work!!!" 

Dwayne A. Buggs, Artistic Director
Central Visual & Performing Arts High School

St. Louis, MO

"I met Keith, from Grooveline LLC, for the first time during a video shoot for a DVD on choral singing and conducting.  He was the percussionist for one of the groups.  From the moment I met him I was impressed.  In fact the crew in general were struck by his professionalism, helpfulness and musical talent.  He was a pleasure to work with."

Barry Huker
Audio Aesthetics & Technology
Webster Univ., St. Louis, MO

"Keith Evans has been a percussion instructor for grades 4 through

12 at my school for 18 years. While he is an expert in the history,

styles, and genres of percussion, his performing and teaching 

ability far surpasses that of many music educators.  I give him my

highest recommendation! He is stellar" 

Martha Stitzel
Director of Bands/Principia School
St. Louis, MO

"When my daughters were in their teens, music was an outlet that kept them engaged in the arts. More than an outlet, for them, music transitioned into outreach. One of my daughters was a clarinetist and the other percussionist. However, both received a measurable benefit from Keith Evans in music theory, but, in performance, community members from Cape Girardeau, MO to Kansas City, KS were touched by the gift of music my daughters presented to their audiences. I am delighted to see that through Grooveline aspiring

musicians and audiences will have a similar experience."

Dr. Melvin Blanchard,, MD, FACP
Associate Professor of Medicine
Chief, Division of Medical Education
Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program

"Listen to what they say."

"Our daughter Cassy means so much to us, and knowing that she was receiving additional parental qualities from you, made the lessons learned about life all the better. Cassy had such a great experience during her time learning how to play the drums.  It was a confidence builder that she needed, and Keith Evans was the best person to bring her that opportunity. It meant so much to her to be able to "roast" him as a major portion of her senior speech!"

Gerry & Vicky Gerber
Gerber & Associates
Chicago, IL